Birds and the Bees TMI

Parents find out about their teenage daughter's new boyfriend, and decide to have their version of the "talk" with her.


Directed by:
Janelle Goforth


Written and Produced by:
Daniel Chavez


Zach Alden
Morgan Snyder
Staci White

Internet Eulogies

What happens when people from the internet post thoughtful messages about a fallen friend?


Directed and edited by:

Audrey Ellis Fox

Written and produced by:

Daniel Chavez


Ify Ijeoma Nwadiwe


Monica Allan, Jakob Berger, Armond Dorsey, Olivia Finnegan, Molly Moore, Carrie Sullivan, Caroline Sweet, Mariela Ticas, and Staci White.

Special Thanks:

Nathan Hurlburt

Asshole Fighter Pilot

Just a fighter pilot trolling his partner on a sortie.


Written and created by: Daniel Chavez



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